New Interface Revealed!

We are happy to reveal our new interface which will make the game even more enjoyable (we hope!). A few of the things we updated:

- Sliding inventory
- Context menu with right click with only the relevant verbs.
- Mouse wheel for fast scrolling of inv items and action.
- Action text at cursor
- Default actions for many objects on hover to quick interact.

Check the latest demo update to get the feeling and let us know what you think! Feedback is really welcome!

Files 166 MB
Version 1.12 Mar 17, 2021 178 MB
Version 1.12 Mar 17, 2021 165 MB
Version 1.12 Mar 17, 2021

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Could someone provide a save file for chapter 6 just before the elemental game with Krampus? I clicked the gear in the corner and went to the game menu and when I resumed I was in the hallway with the game symbols instead of the inventory and I couldn't do anything and loading the autosave put me in the same situation. So if someone has a save file so I can finish the game that would be really helpful