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Is it cancelled?

Ofcourse not :) Working hard on the game, beta testing is planned to start early on 2020 ;)

is there a way to add gamepad support

yes, we are working on gamepad support for the final game :)

i found the controls to be a little clunky

Thanks for the report! which version did you check? Desktop or mobile? Do you have any specific problem/ or any suggestion to improve? Thanks!

Oh yes i use a gamepad on my Mac and the controls in the game seem to be misplaced like the left and right stick move the mouse, also when i click on something to interact with, the dialogue moves too fast for me to read. i don't know if they can be fixed, but those are my issues.

I played your game in the spirit of Christmas and loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter!


Thank you for playing! So glad you liked it, stay tuned for the full release in 2019!

I write for a gaming blog and I am so excited to find a holiday themed game that so cute and interesting! Keep up the great work!

Glad you liked it! It's true that there are not many holiday-themed adventures games out there, and we really want to change this ;)

Is the full game released or still in progress?

Still in progress, but final release is planned for 2019, stay tuned!

Okay! Looking forward to it!

Really enjoyed this, looking forward to the full game.

Thanks for that! Nice playthrough! An updated demo coming this xmas, full game is planned for Nov 19, stay tuned!!

Thanks for the update, will keep my eyes peeled.

Looks awesome, I wish to have some free time to play and enjoy!! Congratulations!

Thanks so much!!!

You welcome, the game looks really great!


Definitely looking forward to the full release. #saveSanta #gingerPower :)


Great video thanks!! Challenge you to unlock all 3 achievements and find all 3 lost presents also :)

Stay tuned for updates!!

Loved it so much!! Fantastic work, great art and music :) Gameplay is really nice and easy, the interface is also perfect for mobiles, can't wait for the final version :D


Such a great demo! The game looks amazing! Can't wait! Well done!

Thanks so much! We are doing our best to ensure a great final game also :)

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This looks interesting! It reminds me some of the alltime classic games that i used to play! Great gameplay and also the art looks fantastic!

thank you! glad you liked it!

The game looks amazing. Just finished the demo. The atmosphere and the graphics were really cool. 

ps..that kid, the main character, is so cute and weirdly funny at the same time that reminded me a lot the good old LucasArts...dott, maniac mansion, monkey island..

Can't wait..keep it up!

thanks so much, we will do our best ;)

Such a great game, can't wait for the full release! Loved the artwork, animations and music; the snow effect adds so much to the atmosphere :)

It took me back to the golden era of the classics by Lucasarts and Sierra, this is a true gem for me, well done guys!!

thanks so much, this is exactly what we need to achieve, remind you of the classics!